Consuming Content

Postlight’s content is terrific. Track Changes has introduced me to public tech figures i never knew existed and tech culture insights i have yet to think of. Each newsletter is structured slightly differently which is a nuance i find myself appreciating every time i read their newsletter. Seriously: “The medium is the message”.


I am wading through the Don Quixote. I wasn’t expecting it to be funny, but damn its funny. I was expecting it to be long, and it is. The stories of misadventure make me feel better about my own imposter syndrome, especially when i am fighting windmills.

This Site

This site will host my content, whether said content includes my thoughts, ideas, or projects. They will most likely have some loose relation to GIS, which is a subject that may include remote sensing, maps, design, code, python, open source tools, community, decision making, etc.